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Our First Concern

Mahanaim started as an interdenominational Intercession Expressive Worship Team in Cape Town, South Africa in 1997. The team has travelled to countries such as Israel, Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine, Bangkok, South Africa and the USA for intercession, ladies conferences and interpretive worship workshops. They have accompanied Hands on Africa on numerous outreaches to Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa and the USA.

Through their ministry of expressive worship using banners, flags, tambourines and music they not only stand in the gap for the lost but also pray for revival. Mahanaim has officially joined forces with Hands on Africa in fulfilling the last and great command of our Savior.

Mahanaim has a calling to pray for revival of the people of the United States and have travelled through the country since 2011 for intercession. In October 2015 they will return to the USA to complete this intercession calling when they will visit Hawaii to pray for the 50th state.
They travel through the country and as they set foot in each state, they intercede using prophetic actions, expressive worship, prayer walking and many times minister to individuals who are drawn to their ministry. The team attempt to join forces with local ministries and make themselves available to minister in churches and schools. They also have a calling to uplift and encourage women through ladies conferences.




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